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Jefimus top 10 Most hated 90's cartoons by JefimusPrime
Jefimus top 10 Most hated 90's cartoons
Not everything from the 90's was awesome. I'm Jefimusand this is the Top 10 most Hated 90's Cartoons

10. Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Never was there a more black-and-white cartoon series. I think Ned Flanders could have made something with darker, more colored undertones. Everything was "Planeteers are right, villains are wrong". Basically, it's about a group of teenagers from around the globe, including Kwame (Africa), Wheeler (the U.S.A.), Linka (Russia), Gi (China) and Ma-Ti (Brazil) obtaining five magic rings from a deity. Its now their job to ensure the end of pollution and protect the environment. One problem was the inequality in power diversity in the rings. Respectively, the powers of "Earth", "Fire", "Wind" and "Water" all seemed helpful, but Ma-Ti's "Heart" ring was near useless. Once their element names were called together, they would summon Earth's champion, Captain Planet. Problem is, this "hero" couldn't stand anything unclean. Sludge, poison, gas, smog, even carbon dioxide was like Kryptonite to him! Another problem is the goofy nature. If you want kids to take eco-themes seriously, make it powerful. Otherwise, it's just going to seem like its trying to defeat the message it's attempting to preach. All in all, a well intentioned, but misguided, cartoon.

9. Mega Babies: Ah The Tremblay brothers First you give us SWAT Kats but now where do you go? Anywhere but here. This show about super powers infants who fight evil monsters and aliens while under the care of Nurse Lazlo. It was disgusting and completely unwatchable.

8. Pro Stars: This was a really dumb idea.

7. Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm: Based on the popular (and highly controversial--to the point where the ESRB rating scale was found) fighting game series by Ed Boon and John Tobias, "Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm" was a part of USA's "Action Extreme Team" lineup. Released shortly after the first Mortal Kombat film (which was regarded well) and the game Mortal Kombat 3 (which wasn't), it was about six of the game's heroes (Liu Kang, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Jax, Sonya and Stryker) acting as an interdimensional task force team (with Raiden as their mentor and Nightwolf as a computer techie) trying to maintain balance between the realms. Its problem was the fact that because it was a kid-friendly cartoon, it was watered down to an extreme. The gore was a major draw in the video game series, take it out and you're not left with much to distinguish it from its main competitor, Street Fighter 2. This decision was akin to choosing to play the original, watered down version of the game on the Super Nintendo. You could, but why would you want to? And the character roster: while I can understand Liu Kang, Kitana, Sub-Zero, Jax and Sonya (they are among the main heroes in the game story) what's the deal with including an inconsequential character like Stryker and excluding the more relevant and popular Johnny Cage?

6. Quack Pack: The shows of the Disney Afternoon never tired of putting familiar characters in strange new clothes. Chip and Dale became private investigators, Goofy became a suburban single dad, and the characters of Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, in a pitch session we'd just love to hear, became 1930s bush pilots and corporate oligarchs. This formula wore thin over the 1990s, however, and after limp attempts like The Mighty Ducks and Bonkers, Disney trotted out some familiar characters in the tiresome Quack Pack. It was a desperate attempt at recasting characters from Duck Tales, which adapted many creative adventures from Carl Barks' old Uncle Scrooge comics. Quack Pack showed far less invention. Instead of tagging along on worldwide treasure hunts, Huey, Dewey, and Louie are now the kids from Home Improvement -- or any other inane sitcom. Their perpetually foiled adult guardian is Donald Duck, and the show's only watchable if you assume that Donald is actually in hell and being tormented by three teenage arch-demons.

5. Hammerman: Thanks to a pair of magical shoes, MC Hammer became the superhero of Oakland, dancing bad guys to the top.  He can’t touch this, and frankly it’s better with that way. 

4. Sonic Underground: "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog"? Poorly done. "Sonic the Hedgehog"? Classic but criminally underrated. "Sonic Underground"? The black sheep of the Sonic continuities. Why, you ask? Well, I understand that this show is not supposed to be in the same continuity as "Sonic the Hedgehog" despite the similairities in art style, but one thing that just can't be excused is the fact we only get Sonic and Robotnik back; other major characters like Tails are nowhere to be seen in this show. That would be like making a new Muppet movie and the only characters you got back were Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Sure, they're popular and widely recognizable, but you'd be left wondering where everybody else is. Knuckles does appear, but I don't think he's one of Sonic's better secondary characters mainly because he's duped a little too easily. Sonic is now weak, has too many fears, and just can't be seen as a hero. His siblings in this show, Manic and Sonia, are not characters people have generally warmed up to. Sonia is a stereotype; she's constantly worried about her looks and clothes. What type of message is this sending little girls? And Manic grew up as a thief; he steals and pickpockets usually to their advantage without punishment. I don't think kids need to see that stealing is actually helpful. It's fine if the villains do it considering they'll get punished, but a hero who does is just sending the wrong message. And the Robotnik in this show is like the "AoStH" Robotnik in the "SatAM" Robotnik's clothing. Eh It be ALOT worst. I'm looking at you Sonic 06.

3. Pinky Elmyra and The Brain: Now, I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I am willing to accept a bunch of different new themes of older ideas. I don't mind seeing spin-offs ("The Simpsons" from "The Tracy Ullman Show"), revisions ("House of Mouse" to "Good Morning Mickey!" and "Donald Duck Presents"), remakes ("The Batman" to "Batman: the Animated Series") or revivals (like how "Family Guy" originally ended in 2002 but was brought back in 2005) of old ideas or adaptations based on movies, novels, comic books, toys, video games, and other assorted propaganda. But, with some exceptions ("Batman Beyond"), I draw the line at sequels to existing series ("Extreme Ghostbusters", "Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation"). In the original cartoon, "Pinky and the Brain" (an "Animaniacs" spin-off) was really nice. But now, they are acting as pets for Elmyra, arguably the worst character on "Tiny Toon Adventures". Giving the Brain Pinky is a good touch (the Yin to his Yang), but adding a second idiot into the mix is totally overbearing. The show was now incredibly annoying and completely unfunny. A waste end to a good series.

2. The Avengers: United they Stand Okay, you got all these third rate Avengers such as The Vision, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Freakin Tigra and no traces of Captain America, Iron Man (both who only appear in one episode) and Thor? Wake me up when Wanda fixes this reality

1. DarkStalkers: Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors wasn't Capcom's most famous fighting game series, but its supernatural, monster-filled combat made it a cult favorite when it debuted in 1994. Capcom sold the rights to produce a Darkstalkers animated series to Graz Entertainment, who immediately took a pair of pliers and a blowtorch to the game, creating the abomination that's just as stupid as it is a pain to watch. Evil space alien Lord Pyron abducts vampire and lost Kid'N'Play member Dimitri to wage a war using comedic-looking monsters, all because Pyron likes to collect planets and wants Earth to be the next one he pockets. Meanwhile, alleged teenage descendent of Merlin and complete ass-hat Harry Grimore and a group of other even more comedic-looking monsters fight back and defend the Earth. Major changes were made to the storyline including making videogame seductress and anti-hero Morrigan into a bitchy, entitled descendant of Morgan La Fey. The horror aspect of the game was replaced with infinitesimal comedy on the levels of early '80s shows like Turbo Teen -- a perfect example is the scene above, with our nerdy hero staring into a crystal ball, thinking about his furry companion Felicia. While the game was very beautifully animated with vibrant colors, the Darkstalkers cartoon looks like it was animated by a team of interns fired from Highlander: The Animated Series. In its quest to apparently lower the collective IQs of America's youth, the Darkstalkers animated series also introduced such concepts as Hairball, the obnoxiously voiced nephew of Sasquatch, now called Bigfoot because I suppose no one thought kids of the era knew what the hell a Sasquatch was. Of course with the animation being as bad as it is, Sasquatch and his nephew end up looking like the product of a bizarre sex experiment involving a Wampa and Ronald McDonald's former friend Grimace. Sadly, other characters fared worse than she did.
It truly is one of the worst examples of '90s animation ever conceived, and that is regardless of its videogame connections. The fact that it perverts one of the more unique fighting game series of the '90s in order to pander to prepubescent males is a crime against humanity. Why someone was insane enough to release this turd burger on DVD back in the early 2000's I'll never know.

Dishonorable Mentions

The Wacky World of Tex Avery

Street Fighter: The Animated Series

Extreme Ghostbusters

RoboCop: Alpha Commando

G.I. Joe Extreme

Transformers: Beast Machines

Tom and Jerry Kids

Yo Yogi
Here's a trailer for the new Transformers Robots in Disguise


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