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Top 15 Favorite Iron Man Armors by JefimusPrime
Top 15 Favorite Iron Man Armors
This former arms dealer turned hero, Avenger and billionaire playboy philanthropist has a robotic suit for every occasion and every possible situation! And in honor of the Upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron, I'm looking over armors that have appeared in the Iron Man mythos over the years, including everything from the comics, to television and even film. I am Jefimus and this is the top 15 Iron Man Armors

15. Mark 1 (First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 1963) You can’t beat the classics! The first suit ever designed by Tony Stark, the mark one armor was built from spare parts and used as an emergency plan in order to escape capture. While this suit may not be the armor that turns Stark into the Iron Man we all know and love, it is the tool that broke him out of his old weapon dealing ways. Got to give credit where credit is due.

14. War Machine (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol.1 #281 1992) Although it's worn by James Rhodes This heavily armed Iron Man armor literaly turns the wearing into a one man army. Originally worn by Tony Stark to defeat the Masters of Slience, this armor is equipped with a rocket launcher on one shoulder and a minigun on the other, all while looking like a cross between the Predator and the Terminator. One glance at it's black and white paint and it shows you that Tony Stark and Rhodes meant business.

13. Space Armor: (First Appearance: Iron Man: #142 1981) With his recent adventures taking him away from Earth and into the far reaches of space, a new version of Iron Man's Space Armor is now front and center in his ongoing series, Iron Man's space armor contains high-yield thrusters that can propel him into earth orbit in a matter of seconds, a long-term internal air supply, life support, a food supply and even, ahem, "waste removal systems."and a bevy of weapons specifically designed to operate in the cold void of outer space!

12. Mark 6 Movie version (First Appearance# Iron Man 2 2010) Out of all the armors Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark wore in the movies this suit stands out as my personal favorite. Visually, it's not a massive leap from the Mark IV armor. The overall design has grown even more angular, and some of the gold portions have been replaced by patches of industrial black. It appears that the most significant change comes with the arc reactor. The circular design seen on the previous five models is now replaced by a triangular shape. This puts the suit more in line with the Extremis armor and several others from the comics. You may be wondering why a dude with electric whips poses such a threat to Iron Man. In the comics, Whiplash's whips are able to polarize Tony's armor and make it brittle. This new armor may be designed specifically to offset that effect. Or it may just be a necessary upgrade to deal with the dozens of armored soldiers Justin Hammer builds, or Thor.
11. Ultimate Armor: (First Appearance Ultimates #2 2002) In the Ultimate Marvel Comics Universe Tony Starks's Neural cells are spread through out his body making him a living breathing brain, who must drink in order to kill the pain, which he was doing before strapping on this new take on his trademark armor. Tony's armor has neutron scramblers in the gauntlets, underwater capabilities enough thrust to lift a five block wide spaceship. It's powered by an orbiting satellite 

10. Hydro Armor (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol 1) #218 1987) With so many of Marvels heroes, villains and enemies living at the bottom of the ocean, it was inevitable that Iron Man would have to see some undersea combat sooner or later. Built with special modifications to compensate for the pressure deep below the ocean's surface, and to allow for easier maneuverability and to travel underwater and p to 3 miles depth . It's the best to use if you ever want to visit Atlantis.

9. Mark 9 (EMH ver.) (First Appearance The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes: ep. 28 Alone Against AIM) In the Animated Series The Avenger: Earth's Mightiest Heroes The armors Tony Stark has created are very unique and powerful. While Mark 4 the first Armor Tony wore at he Beginning of the Series and the Mark 5 where impressive but I went with Mark 9 because it has more powerful repulsor weapons and a uni-beam in the form of a triangle. It's also equipped with Energy Sabers Guided Missiles Repulsor Cutters and can create force shields to protect himself and his fellow Avengers. Not too Mention it's scanner proof and computer virus proof and is capable of spotting those pesky Skrulls. 

8. Stealth Armor (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol. 1) #152, 1981) One piece of armor that is constantly getting remodeled and improved, the Stealth Armor was created so that the human tank could be sneaky once in a while. Able to distort radar and sonar signals,and muting it's jet boots making him difficult to spot you won’t him coming before it’s too late.

7. Modular Armor (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol. 1) #300 1994) After numerous versions of his traditional red-and-yellow armor had come and gone, Iron Man got one of his first major upgrades in decades when he began using this adaptable armor in the era where he lead the ill faded Force Works and in the 90's animated series.  With the capability to adapt multiple weapons and situation-specific tools, this armor remained the standard version for some time. In his most recent upgrade, Tony went back to this concept, building a new suit that allows him to adapt technology from many of his various specialty suits to prepare for any situation.

6. Thorbuster (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol 2) #64 2003 When Former Avenger and newly crowned king of Asgard Thor literally loses his mind Iron Man stepped up and designed this suit from the remains of the Destroyer. Similar to Thor's enchanted Hammer, Iron Main's Thor Buster armor is fueled by Asgardian magic -- as invincible as his original design and mystically powerful enough to defeat the Thundergod himself! Though reduced to scrap it did accomplish it's goal to beat up a god.

5. Silver Centurion (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol. 1) #200, 1985) While your armor is getting fixed up, it’s always good to have a back-up The First Armor not to be colored Red and Gold for a change, the suit was used in battle against Iron Monger and a ton of other high tech heroes and villians during the armor wars. It is equipped with an anti-gravity force-field  and a 2.5 hour air supply allowing it to reach up to 130,00 feet high or 1,800 feet underwater. Everything in the armor is voice activated including the wide spectrum beam that disrupts anything electromechanical. After it was destroyed in battle against Firepower it's now considered a relic.
4. Hulkbuster (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol. 1) #304 1994) Most would shy away from a fight with an enormous green rage monster, but not Iron Man. Adding a hell of a lot of extra padding, this suit can not only take a punch from the Hulk, he can dish one out. Bigger then standard Iron Man armors, it's design to grapple the green Goliath, while Stark sits all snugly within the suits torso since the head domelike structure is so smooth The Hulk won't be tearing it off anytime soon when your goal is beat up the Incredible Hulk, that an achievement in itself.

3. Extremis (First Appearance: Iron Man (Vol. 3) #5 There’s being Iron Man, and then there’s taking it to the next level. Critically injured fighting a techno-organic virus called Extremis Stark injects himself with virus after making some modifcations.  The result doesn’t only make him stronger, but enables him to bond with his armor at will, even making the bone marrow the storage space for the gold inner layer which he can summon through his mind. Along the other abilities it granted him, such as being able to mentally access any network, this armor ensured Tony Stark and Iron Man were one.

2. Bleeding Edge (First Appearance: Invincible Iron Man Vol 1 2010) As if the Extermis wasn't enough This suit introduced in the heroic age the concept of being Iron Man one 2 notches.  Full-body NANO-TECH integration. SELF-REPAIRING technology. Weapons formed with only a thought. This is beyond advanced. The Armored Avenger enters the Heroic Age with armor goes beyond Extremis, beyond anything the world has ever seen. To the rest of us, the armor represents the bleeding edge of technological achievement. To a genius like Tony Stark it's just the next thing.

1. Classic Armor (Mark 3): (First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #66 1965) This was the template for the iconic Iron Man image. This trademark look came about after his second set of armor (one that was completely gold) was bested by a villain known as Mr Doll. He devopled this red and gold for a successful rematch. In addtion to setting an iconic look for this superhero it's able to lift 11 tons normally (or 91 tons for a fraction of a second), the suit is a mix of solid armor and chain mail fabric. It's also portable and capable of fitting in a briefcase for the wearer to carry it. The boot jets can reach Mach 1.25 slightly faster then the Silver centurion and the repulsor rays are capable of generating a force field equal to 150 pounds. The Classic Armor sets the trend for the superhero we know today.

Honorable Mention

Mark 2
Mark 7
Mark 5
Arctic Armor
Neo Classic Armor
Stole this from :iconmorgrag:. and :iconrareware64:

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